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SIAD 2002 (SK)

by Ing. Pavol Šucha, Miroslav Šurin

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alca-01 an-26-01 an-26-17 bell-01 bell-05 c-140-04 casa-01 casa-05 cessna-182-01 cessna-182-03 f-15-01 f-15-02 f-15-04 f-15-11 f-15-14 f-16-01 f-16-05 f-16-16 f-16-19 f-16-22 f-16-23 f-16-24 f-18-01 f-18-05 f-4-09 f-4-11 f-4-17 fokker-60-09 galeb-01 hawk-01 hawk-02 il-76-01 il-76-08 l-39-01 l-39-02 l-39-03 l-410-04 mi-24-01 mig-21m-02 mig-21m mig-21mu-05 mig-21mu-11 mig-29-01 mig-29-03 mig-29-04 mig-29-05 mig-29-06 mig-29u-04 migy pilatus-02 rakety-02 rakety-03 rakety-08 rakety-10 rakety-12 rakety-22 riz an-26 01 riz aquila riz asr 01 riz bell 01

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Ing. Pavol Šucha, Miroslav Šurin
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